Welcome to the School of Honey Love! (SOHL3)

Sohl3 is curriculum based on the science of the body as well as the science of the energetic soul.

Here you will find my musings and resources for a fluid and aligned educational option to suit children and adults alike.

You will see the KIDS IN TOUCH link in the navigation bar. This takes you to the original website, currently displaying many of my educational resources but I plan to be more specific and soulful here, on this page.

For over twenty years I have been studying inter and intra personal connection and have uncovered a plethora of ideas and activities to grow the body/mind/soul in a harmonious and satisfying way.

I am looking forward  to offering an alternative to mainstream thinking in regard to education.

I have many thoughts about the evolution of our mind/body/soul that I am itching to share!

The arts give us the best opportunity to explore avenues that answer to all types of humans. Through the creation of lesson plan sets that call on music, movement, visual arts and sculpture, word play, meditation and more, we can bridge the hemispheres of the brain, create synergy within which ultimately leads to synergy and peace in our external lives also.

Whether you are after something personal to help you unlock your creative flow and begin moving in alignment with your purpose or if you are looking for a set of workshop gems to fit the level and needs of your  family, classroom or community group of children or adults.

I am available for consultation and development with the intention of producing a program to suit your needs, with emotional intelligence and arts connected workshops for every age group and every sector of our community.

Keep your eyes on this page as much more will be coming soon.

If in the meantime anything on here intrigues you and you’d like to connect with me and discuss it further please contact me through the contact page, I would love to hear from you and begin creating something perfectly in alignment with you!

If you would like to have a look at a couple of my products you can pop through on this link to TPT