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15 06, 2019

A Naked Thought ~ Model’s Musings


With all eyes upon me I allow my mind to back away from the company. The pencils are poised and one girl has spread out an enormous piece of paper, I wonder how they will see me today. I have been a troll, a wizened old lady, an Amazonian warrior…mostly by accident! There is a

A Naked Thought ~ Model’s Musings2019-06-15T23:33:40+00:00
15 06, 2019

Prickly Feet


It began with a prickly feeling in my foot. I had been hired by a serious artist for a ‘critical piece’ (his words). He’d placed me carefully  in a classical pose with one arm behind my head and on my side, very Matisse. He had high aspirations! He’d taken twenty minutes to get the pose

Prickly Feet2019-06-15T23:09:16+00:00
7 05, 2019

In Love as in Art ~ Trust the Process


Unconditional Love, Unconditional Art... People often ask me about my process and one of the things I commonly respond with is that I personally, use art to explore my inner world and the way I then relate to the external. Life is really a massive journey, seemingly enforced upon us and as far as love and

In Love as in Art ~ Trust the Process2019-05-07T04:08:39+00:00
4 04, 2019

The Artist ~ a Poem


The Artist earth lives in wet caress like polished drops of orange sun that slide and mould the contours of my soul you are a sculptor my breasts are clay that cry and move, your push and pull sucks me into being, thumbs press and stretch like God and water flows in open pores like

The Artist ~ a Poem2019-04-04T07:27:10+00:00
29 03, 2019

A Journey of Visual Healing


A Journey of Visual Healing Art is an extraordinarily powerful medium for personal development and emotional/physical healing. I have found some of the deepest healing has been connected to the visual sense, whether it be through creative visualisation or through sitting with a piece of art whose colour and energy triggers an emotional shift in

A Journey of Visual Healing2019-04-04T07:26:39+00:00