With all eyes upon me I allow my mind to back away from the company.

The pencils are poised and one girl has spread out an enormous piece of paper, I wonder how they will see me today.

I have been a troll, a wizened old lady, an Amazonian warrior…mostly by accident!

There is a giant part of me that takes great pleasure in offering this gift of nudity to others, after all its not an easy job. Taking clothes off for the average woman can be quite a challenge, and believe me I am an average woman!

What is average…?

Hmmmm, maybe I’m not average, I have eight children, but I am no super model either, although there is a little bit of me that still naively wishes I was!

No it’s not an easy job and I congratulate myself at breaking through the degrees of discomfort in order to present myself here today.

I wonder whether there is something powerful about finding the courage to go naked or is it another excuse to retreat further inside…

I think there is both inherent in this job and I will expound further on this concept I’m sure, but for now lets settle back into a classical pose and dream of apple crumble…