Unconditional Love, Unconditional Art… People often ask me about my process and one of the things I commonly respond with is that I personally, use art to explore my inner world and the way I then relate to the external.
Life is really a massive journey, seemingly enforced upon us and as far as love and art goes, I’m pretty sure most success is had when we can let go of control a bit and trust the process.
Possibly, that means trusting ourself.
It’s a conditional world, a world that can challenge our sense of trust and security but for me anyway, with gentle self encouragement, personal kindness and understanding, my awareness grows and so to does that sense of trust. Art has been a great place to settle myself and feel into ‘trust’ in mark making.
It seems the life game is about perception of condition and understanding and accepting our preferences.
Maybe the unconditional bit is about being at ease with changing our conditions or relationships or mark making styles as they need to change in accordance with our heart’s preference, making our decisions based on our self, despite how it may or may not be perceived by others.
A course in miracles comes to mind:
‘I do not know my own best interests’
It’s about trying to work stuff out with the brain which is conditional rather than involving the heart connection to ‘all that is’.
The heart that is at the core of all really great art and really great life moments.
The heart who doesn’t have or need boundaries and conditions or control because it is naturally good and kind and loving. The heart who just knows if something feels right or not in the moment.
The beautiful heart we can trust to make the most beautiful mark….
thats my homework… trusting my heart
’till next time,