15 06, 2019

A Naked Thought ~ Model’s Musings


With all eyes upon me I allow my mind to back away from the company. The pencils are poised and one girl has spread out an enormous piece of paper, I wonder how they will see me today. I have been a troll, a wizened old lady, an Amazonian warrior…mostly by accident! There is a

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15 06, 2019

Prickly Feet


It began with a prickly feeling in my foot. I had been hired by a serious artist for a ‘critical piece’ (his words). He’d placed me carefully  in a classical pose with one arm behind my head and on my side, very Matisse. He had high aspirations! He’d taken twenty minutes to get the pose

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7 05, 2019

In Love as in Art ~ Trust the Process


Unconditional Love, Unconditional Art... People often ask me about my process and one of the things I commonly respond with is that I personally, use art to explore my inner world and the way I then relate to the external. Life is really a massive journey, seemingly enforced upon us and as far as love and

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4 04, 2019

The Artist ~ a Poem


The Artist earth lives in wet caress like polished drops of orange sun that slide and mould the contours of my soul you are a sculptor my breasts are clay that cry and move, your push and pull sucks me into being, thumbs press and stretch like God and water flows in open pores like

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29 03, 2019

This World is So Sci-Fi ~ which is art, which is magic, which is so sci-fi!


This world is so sci-fi! You will have to forgive me for occasionally going off on a sci-fi, earth is amazing, science is magic rant but it is all SO far out to me and in may ways it is this intrigue and constant 'astounded sensation' that drives a lot of my art making. It

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3 01, 2019

Welcome ~ Would you like a splash of green?


Would you like a splash of green? Thanks for turning up here! I was just sitting around sipping my green juice, it most definitely does not taste as AMAZING as it looks. Sitting and sipping, hoping that someone would pop in and here you are! Welcome!! Green is such a beautiful colour don't you think,

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