15 06, 2019

A Naked Thought ~ Model’s Musings


With all eyes upon me I allow my mind to back away from the company. The pencils are poised and one girl has spread out an enormous piece of paper, I wonder how they will see me today. I have been a troll, a wizened old lady, an Amazonian warrior…mostly by accident! There is a

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15 06, 2019

Prickly Feet


It began with a prickly feeling in my foot. I had been hired by a serious artist for a ‘critical piece’ (his words). He’d placed me carefully  in a classical pose with one arm behind my head and on my side, very Matisse. He had high aspirations! He’d taken twenty minutes to get the pose

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7 05, 2019

In Love as in Art ~ Trust the Process


Unconditional Love, Unconditional Art... People often ask me about my process and one of the things I commonly respond with is that I personally, use art to explore my inner world and the way I then relate to the external. Life is really a massive journey, seemingly enforced upon us and as far as love and

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29 03, 2019

This World is So Sci-Fi ~ which is art, which is magic, which is so sci-fi!


This world is so sci-fi! You will have to forgive me for occasionally going off on a sci-fi, earth is amazing, science is magic rant but it is all SO far out to me and in may ways it is this intrigue and constant 'astounded sensation' that drives a lot of my art making. It

This World is So Sci-Fi ~ which is art, which is magic, which is so sci-fi!2019-04-04T07:24:36+00:00